Tatu Diffusion: Design with Pure Materials and Native Work


"Tatu Diffusion is what the whole fashion industry will have to offer someday: Preservation and identity". With those words, Teo Gincoff presents his fashion label, Tatu Diffusion. Under this brand, he presents clothes produced mostly with natural cotton without artificial colorants, and produced in fair trade practices with indigenous communities from northern Argentina. These communities do all the dying of the clothe with natural extracts of trees' bark.

The brand has four lines: Ecollection, Collection, Couture, and Art Collection; a line of Eco Jeans, one for leather accessories and a line of jewelry with rustic natural materials such as seeds, wood and natural fibers, all hand made.

The designer has a long background in design, fashion and fabrics development, having participated in a project to develop products with a natural fabric produced in Chaco province (north of Argentina) in collaboration with students from La Habana, Cuba, for example. ::Tatu Diffusion

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Eco jeans and natural materials accessories.


A dress from the couture collection with natural cotton.


Another model from the natural materials collection.


Teo Gincoff with one of the indigenous groups that participate in his clothes.