Tarma - Recycled Stainless Steel Jewellery


Although named after a Peruvian mountain town, Tarma is a US based line of ‘personal art’ for the outdoors and nature enthusiast. The Active range of pendants, ear rings, bracelets and so on features icons of paddlers, hikers, climbers, surfers, etc, as well as leaves, shells, rocks and mountains. This celebration of the wild world is enhanced through the selection of a material that limits its environmental harm — recycled stainless steel. Or 316 stainless to be precise; a molybdenum grade that is more corrosion and pitting resistant than conventional chromium-nickel stainless. This allows the jewellery to take on a shine akin to silver (so we are told). Pieces sell for around $25-30 USD. Styles are tailored for both genders, and even those non-jewellery types might be won over with a bottle opener! A sister line, known as Artisans, is fair-trade jewellery wrought in the likes of copper, ceramic and glass. ::Tarma, via PR News.PS. Just noticed this appeared on Hugg ages ago, as a little bit of guerilla marketing. All the best with the business, Sky. :-)