Tara St. James Designs New Uniform Project LBD (You Can DIY, Too)

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It's a romper. It's a little black dress. It's a Uniform Project dress by Tara St. James. Image courtesy of the Uniform Project.

We're all about little black dresses (LBD) -- or, as per the season, LWDs -- they're the eco-chic fashion staple that never tires -- and I just donned one for the Bright Young Things Style Challenge. From the Uniform Project, a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation where Sheena Matheiken wore one dress 365 days, comes the ultimate LBD, redesigned by New York-based green fashion designer Tara St. James, of Study NY.

James has designed an updated version of the LBD that Sheena donned for a year and she has created a functional, versatile, romper/dress for a pilot project, pictured above. Plus, you can conveniently purchase the made-to-order dresses online or the patterns to DIY. Photos:The Uniform Project, now in its second year, has enlisted the help of a stylish 17-year-old named India Salvor Manuez for their pilot project. A percentage of proceeds from sales of her dress will go to her cause of choice: Our School at Blair Grocery, an independent school and community center located in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. Follow her daily looks at Uniform Project Year 2.

The New Uniform Project LBD by Tara St. James

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uniform project lbd photo
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All images courtesy of the Uniform Project.

The dresses are made to order in small quantities; Which means if you want this fall fashion staple in time to beat cooler temps, you'll need to order it before August 15th. It retails for $150 or for DIY'ers, you can buy the pattern and/or the proprietary fabric for a reduced price. The social enterprise is also keeping in line with their year one fundraiser and will donate 10% of retail sales to the Akanksha Foundation.

Visit the Uniform Project Shop for dress details.

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