Tanvi Kant's Recycled Necklaces

More necklaces! Who can resist them--they always fit. Tanvi Kant makes her necklaces and bracelets from the threads of old Indian saris and scarves. The bright colours and metallic yarns come from unpicking discarded and unwanted Indian materials, starting with her mother's cast-offs. She then binds, whips, knots and sews the threads into loops until a form appears, adding porcelain rings as weights and contrast. Kant doesn't design the pieces beforehand, instead they are organic in development as she works with the bits of fabric. The end pieces are left unfinished so that the original fabric is visible.

Kant recycles and reclaims all the materials. She says that " by carefully shaping and transforming undervalued materials, tangling up yarns, memories and limbs, I hope to create unique pieces, each with its own history." A mixture of old and new to create a work of recycled art ( and jewellery). :: Tanvi Kant Via :: Crafts Council