Tammam's Roving Catwalk For London Fashion Week


As the aspirational glitter and glamour of London Fashion Week draws ever closer we wonder if from outside on the street this glossy world doesn't seem rather impenetrable? But in keeping with the revolutionary nature of eco-design there is at least one designer who is determined to take ethical fashion out to the masses. To show their Autumn/Winter collection this year The House of Tammam has teamed up with Smart LPG and The Electric Transport Shop to create a roving catwalk around the city.The Estethica section of London Fashion Week does not yet have an opportunity to put on its own catwalk show, so it's great to see innovative thinkers like Lucy Tammam, previously of Tam + Rob, coming up with ways to show ethical fashion to people on the street.

Fittingly Tammam's new collection is called the 'Renegade Show'. She says, "The style of the show puts a spin on traditional catwalk style, allowing both the fashion world and the public to catch a glimpse of the collection as models tour London in and on eco-friendly vehicles." So keep an eye out for some gorgeous clothes out and about on the streets of London next week. Don't forget to ask which beautiful eco-textile that coat or dress is made from!

:: The House of Tammam
:: Smart LPG
:: London Fashion Week: 10-13th February 2008

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