Tam + Rob


We must thank Pecha Kucha, the newsletter from The Natural Store, for introducing us to the UK eco fashion label Tam + Rob this week. This women's wear label was started four years ago by old school friends, fashion designer Lucy Tammam (Tam) and business woman Lucy Robinson (Rob). We love their beautifully cut, understated summer collection, especially that wrap dress! All the clothes are made from organic Fairtrade cotton and are made by women in India and Nepal. Tam + Rob have an extensive Ethical Policy which details their business and design practices, we particularly like the vintage button clause: "Vintage buttons are also used for some garments to mitigate environmental issues of producing plastic buttons." Lucy Robinson tells Pecha Kucha this week that, "For Tam & Rob I knew that it wasn’t just me who wanted to know where things came from. It’s our generation as a whole, our ethical generation that demands that standards are raised, that others’ lives aren’t undermined for a person’s wants, that the environment is not sacrificed. That’s why our motto is ‘Clothing for an ethical generation’." You can now take advantage of The Natural Store's summer discounts on the Tam + Rob collection. :: Tam + Rob

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