Symren Natural Skincare uses Biodegradable Packaging


After writing recently about the attention paid by Nude Skincare to their packaging design, which uses recycled and recyclable plastic and biodegradable cornstarch sleeves, we were contacted by Symren Skincare. New York based Ingrid Anderson wrote to let us know that her natural skincare company has been working on their eco-packaging as well. They have recently introduced the use of biodegradable boxes for their PET bottled products. Ingrid tells us, "Our packaging (boxes) is made from 100% bagasse, which is the pulp that remains after extracting juice from sugar cane. Note that bagasse is often considered to be a tree-free alternative for making paper." It's great to see that skincare companies are beginning to think about not just what they put in their products, but also what they put their products in.Symren skincare is formulated using manuka honey from New Zealand which is famous for is natural antibacterial healing properties. The New Zealand brand Living Nature is also well known for using manuka honey in their products. :: Symren Skincare

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