Swishing Or Swap 'til You Drop

New to Britain, now swapping instead of shopping is so hot that it even has its own name: "swishing". That's the aspirational tag given to swap parties by one organiser who says that she is reaching out to the many women who are "passionately committed to saving the planet, but don't want to do it in bad clothes". Then there is Visa Swap. Visa Europe, our friendly credit card company and TRAID (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development) have teamed up to create a large-scale, seriously organised, swapping event. Here is how it works: since May 31 swappers can drop off their clothes at a fashionable Knightsbridge shop in central London where they will be assessed and the swapper will be given points, depending on the quality, on a "credit card". Two weeks later, the swap shop will open and swappers can return to spend their points on each other's clothes. It is guilt-free and celebrities are doing it so it must be good: clothes from Kylie, Naomi Campbell and Kelly Osbourne will be hidden amongst the goodies. In order to make it truly fashionable, it is going to be set up like a boutique, with style advisors and make-up artists on hand to help. TRAID, Visa's partner in this venture, is an interesting organisation. Its goal is to divert clothes and shoes from landfill sites and to reduce world poverty by raising funds for overseas development projects. They have 900 recycling banks and a series of charity shops. Some clothes are redesigned into new one-off pieces and sold under the TRAIDremade label. Whilst we wonder what Visa has to gain by this partnership, it's fun for the swappers and and great for the environment, so get swapping in your neighbourhood. :: Guardian

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