Swati Argade Spring 2010: Sleek Tailoring, Embroidered Detailing, and Vibrant Textiles

swati argade spring photo

Swati Argade at Sense and Sustainability at Aicon Gallery in NYC. Credit: Emma Grady

We stopped by Sense and Sustainability, a green fashion show and fundraiser for documentary film First Sight, Friday night at Aicon Gallery in New York City. We fell in love with Swati Argade's bright summer dresses with embroidered details for spring/summer 2010. She says, "It became very important to me early on that my clothes had to be made with the producers and their history in mind. Their skill and participation are making this endeavor possible; the artisans, weavers and tailors are as much a part of the production chain as I am." Click through for photos from the runway:

swati argade sense and sustainability photo

swati argade photo

From Swati Argade's website:

Indian-American designer Swati Argade chooses fabrics and embroideries for her clothing designs that help to sustain the maintenance and development of local economies and ancient traditions like weaving, embroidery, and dyeing. She has traveled all over India sourcing items from artisan cooperatives like ajrakh (indigo block printing technique) from Kucch, Gujurat, ikkat saris from Orissa, fine muslin from West Bengal, and khadi from Metpalli, Andhra Pradesh.

Swati launched a casual wear line "Shift by Swati," made entirely with modal in 2007 and has designed a raincoat collection made from recycled bottles, post-consumer waste, and organic cotton which is expected this season.

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