Swanky Eco-Fashion Event by Eco Nouveau


Los Angeles based Eco-Nouveau is a new eco-lifestyle events group brought together to, "present eco-lifestyle experiences that are intelligent, accessible, and transformative to cultural influencers around the world." Translation: they throw cool parties with green art, music, and fashion. We were certainly impressed with their first eco-fashion show at the historic Vibiana, featuring green designers Amanda Shi, Bahar Shahpar, and Gary Harvey.


Shi got the party started with her whimsical line of skirts and knits for spring, which looked stunning gliding down the runway paired with Tierra Del Forte's smoking hot organic denim.

Next on the catwalk was Bahar Shahpar, with 2008 pieces chock full of color, patterns, and movement. Her creative use of organic and mill-end fabrics, combined with New York based manufacturing makes Shaphar a major eco-fashion designer to watch in the upcoming seasons.


We've swooned over him before, and we'll swoon again - Gary Harvey's finale stole the show with his stunning reclaimed fabric ballgowns that make a major fashion statement against the garment industry's throwaway culture. Couture mocking couture left onlookers drooling and green gears turning like only fine eco-art can do.

Harvey has his own ideas about making sustainable fashion, well, sustainable. Says the designer, "The future of Eco fashion depends on designers concentrating on great design and not letting the Eco cause become the only component...after all people wear clothes not causes."

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