SustainStyle: Retro Betty Looks, Natalie Portman, New Chanel and Gucci Bikes + More

Welcome to SustainStyle, a weekly digest from the writers at 1plus1, a blog dedicated to eco-friendly fashion. SustainStyle will run every Wednesday.


This week has been all about getting gorgeous, starting with our DRESS ME file and a retro Betty look! So roll up your sleeves, get that scarf tied up and keep a steady hand as you apply the black eyeliner! 

While getting primped and pretty we recommend using this magic hemp soap that will make your skin soft as-can-be, and this organic body scrub that will leave you smelling like a minty lemon! Another beauty tip ... sipping Yogi tea! Speaking of beauty, we highlight Natalie Portman and her new vegan shoe line

A few other sites to see: Chanel's and Gucci's bikes, new for Spring 2008; Mocuin's artsy prints on hemp scarfs; and Beau Soleil's new bamboo/stud mix for their spring 2008 line! Now you have no excuse to not look as good as us!