SustainStyle: Get Green In Style, Pop-Up Placemats, Kate Hudson + More

Welcome to SustainStyle, a weekly digest from the writers at 1plus1, a blog dedicated to eco-friendly fashion. SustainStyle runs every Wednesday.


We buried our nose in a new guide to getting (and staying) green in style: "Green Chic" covers eco-friendly fashion, lifestyle and food and also fits in your purse!

Kate Hudson partners up with a celebrity hairdresser to come out with an all natural hair care line.

Green by Nature keeps our lips glossy and our breath fresh with a two-in-one glaze.

Nordstrom's Organic Style boutique took delivery of new styles of Edun high-waisted organic denim and men's organic T-shirts from Hurley and Quiksilver.

We fell in love with Publique Livings charming pop-up placements made from recycled paper.

We entered to win a new eco-friendly purse from Gretchen's Closet, one of our most resourceful fashion sites.

Mad Imports introduced us to an amazing little rainbow clutch that is handwoven raffia.