SustainStyle: Earth Day, Eco Beauty, Recycled Material + More

Welcome to SustainStyle, a weekly digest from the writers at 1plus1, a blog dedicated to eco-friendly fashion. SustainStyle runs every Wednesday.


With committing ourselves into a year round awareness we celebrate Earth Day with "Earth Day resolutions".

ELLE magazines supplies us with a Eco Beauty Guide built by the pros.

Eco Tools offers us animal-free bamboo make-up brushes that are super affordable.

We introduce you to our favorite moisturizer with lavender from Avalon Organics that can be worn everyday all day.

CARGO cosmetics partners up with celebrities to formulate an eco-friendly lipstick line.

Convoy Apparel has us rethinking our feelings on the vest with an organic/hemp racer back style.

Dynomighty tricks us with a wallet that looks paper weight thin but is made with super durable recycled materials.