SustainStyle: Earth Day Cookies, Amazing Bangles, Hand Made Recycled Art Work + More

Welcome to SustainStyle, a weekly digest from the writers at 1plus1, a blog dedicated to eco-friendly fashion. SustainStyle runs every Wednesday.


Anna Sui and other top designers make one-of-a-kind water bottles.

AZ Jeans become our guilty pleasure with their new affordable green line.

A new style of grocery bag lets us leave the shopping list at home.

EcoSkin's Cardamine dress gets us feeling sassy.

Amazing bangles that get us wound up on plastic bags.

A tin full of cookies get us inspired right before Earth Day.

B.Son's organic tank top gets our hot men to cool down.

Hoop earrings with peace signs.

Toms shoes get even better with hemp.

We find some art work to cover our bare walls that is recycled, biodegradable, and hand made.