SustainStyle: Biodegradable Umbrella, Classic Winter Looks, Vegan Cupcakes + More

Welcome to SustainStyle, a new weekly digest from the writers at 1plus1, a blog dedicated to eco-friendly fashion. SustainStyle will run every Wednesday.


With non-stop rain in Los Angeles, we have started planning new ways to stay dry, one being to invest in an umbrella, specifically a brelli which is the first 100% biodegradable umbrella. To stay warm and still gorgeous, check out our "Dress Me" page, which is dedicated to a classic winter look with an organic wool coat paired with skinnys, vintage heels and to-die-for lip color. For those of you who vowed to stay inside we ventured into the kitchen for a yummy vegan cupcake recipe. We also read up on how to change the world with style, researched new inspirations, and of course did some online shopping. We noticed retailers have been busy getting ready for spring shipments, so we invaded the sales including Ashley Watson bags at half price and Loomstate for men. Also for men we found the uber-hip Livity brand, vintage-inspired volleyball sneakers made with organic cotton, and guitar straps made from old car seats. The MacBook Air was the subject of huge hype so we found something other than a manila envelope to protect ours. In other accessories buzz, we admired Anna Built jewelry and Hovey Lee's gumball cocktail ring.


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