Sustainability Week at London College Of Fashion


Who better than our friends at StyleWillSaveUs to let us know about the upcoming sustainability week at the London College of Fashion. Starting next week on Monday 30th April, a series of events are planned to celebrate the growing awareness of eco-design in the fashion industry. As you style mavens will have noticed the eco-fashion movement has gone from strength to strength in the UK over the last couple of years and I am particularly proud to say that many of TreeHugger's favourites are British designers: Ciel, Enamore, Terra Plana, Beyond Skin - to name but a few! It is gratifying to see that prestigious design schools such as the London College of Fashion are recognising this trend and promoting it. Virgina Rowe of SWSU will be speaking at the 'Is Green The New Black?' conference day on Monday 30th, Galahad Clark of Terra Plana shoes will also be at this event. To see the rest of the week's events check out the SWSU post. ::London College of Fashion