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Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetic Database is my go-to source when researching and reviewing beauty products. They brought us the Toxic Dirty Dozen, the truth about shocking chemicals in popular perfumes, and much, much more. In the spirit of giving this holiday season EWG has put together their 2010 Holiday Gift Bag, which you will receive by making a gift of $125--$85, of which, is tax-deductible--to fund EWG's research projects. EWG's Skin Deep database has been going strong since 2004. Their safety rating are user-friendly and informative and they have nearly a quarter of all products on the market -- 63,824 products with 7,786 ingredients.

Chock-full-of green products, EWG's gift bag includes a 16oz insulated Klean Kanteen, a Reusable Chico shopping bag, one 100% cotton and one mesh EcoBags produce bag, Seeds of Change 100% certified organic seeds and organic chocolate bar, EWG's shopping tips, coupons, and more.

Of course all contributions to EWG are welcome and if you'd rather just support EWG's great work you can pass on the swag or regift some of the items you don't want.

Visit EWG to make a donation.

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