Sundrop Jewelry: Baubles Powered by Solar Rays

Sundrop Jewelry photo

Photo credit: Sundrop Jewelry

Talk about soaking up some rays this summer. Sundrop Jewelry uses a giant 31-by-41-inch Fresnel lens—originally designed for lighthouses—to focus the the power of that bright orange orb in the sky to melt glass into delicate teardrops. All colored glass can be worked directly under the lens. Clear glass, on the other hand, needs to be tempered with a kiln and a desktop propane torch first, since sunlight imparts little or no heat until it's absorbed by a colored material.

The brilliantly hued 1-to-1.25-inch drops, which come in colors like strike red, black, honey, and teal flare, form the focal point of luminescent pendants, earrings, belly rings, and wine charms, subtly catching the light that created them. Prices range from $18 to $48.

Sundrop Jewelry photo

Photo credit: Sundrop Jewelry
Sundrop Jewelry photo

Photo credit: Sundrop Jewelry
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