Summer Rayne Oakes Launches Online Source for Sustainable Textile (Video)

source4style atelier photo

It can be tricky business finding sustainable textiles. To make life easier for green fashion and interior designers, new online marketing platform Source4Style connects them directly with suppliers. Source4Style co-founders Summer Rayne Oakes and Benita Singh announced the news of the site launch at the House of Lords on October 5th and at the RITE Conference the next day.In an article last month, I mentioned that Source4Style will also host a series of workshops and training programs called, The Source4Style Atelier, where designers, fashion teams, and company boards will have access to insider knowledge in the sustainable design industry. Well, the first events are coming up soon in San Francisco and New York City.

The Source4Style Atelier will launch in San Francisco, California on October 15; New York on October 21; and London on November 5--follow the hyperlinks to purchase tickets (tickets for London not yet available).

For more on the interactive B2B marketplace, watch a video with co-founder and eco-model Summer Rayne Oakes:

Source4Style Designer's Guide Video. Video: SRmanitou/Vimeo.

Registration to search and source on Source4Style is free. Start exploring and dreaming, now: Source4Style.

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