Summer Rayne Oakes Gets into Denim in 2nd Issue of S4


Summer Rayne Oakes has just released the second issue of her new quarterly magazine S4. No, this girl doesn't just model, she is reaching deep into the fashion industry to make important social and environmental changes from within. This industry newsletter is designed for "decision makers, press, universities, designers, industry professionals and any one else who is looking to get a deeper understanding of sustainability trends in fashion." This second issue focuses on the denim industry and not only includes information about 50 eco-conscious denim lines, along with fashion editorials, but it also features "an in-depth interview with China Blue's director, Micha X. Peled, who filmed clandestinely in a Chinese denim sweatshop for three years." Summer Rayne says "The blue jean is the one piece of apparel that everyone can relate to. It gives us an incredible opportunity to discuss the issues and solutions to the social injustices that are happening along the garment industry's supply chain." In last year's TH Interview with Summer Rayne she discussed the reasons for starting S4 saying: "The time was right for it. There is a real need for more comprehensive information on sustainability issues in the apparel sector. S4 addresses issues not normally associated with fashion like globalization, global warming, energy, and poverty. Sustainable marketing language can be obscure and oversimplified, particularly in eco-fashion. The language tends to focus on putting product out on the market. That's perfectly all right, but we need a better understanding on how the market affects environmental, trade, and sustainable development issues, especially since we're seeing larger companies jumping on board." :: S4 :: SRO

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