Summer Rayne Oakes Designs Battling Beetles Organic T-Shirt to Benefit Green Cross International

EDUNLIVE YOOXYGEN Summer Rayne Oakes photo

Model, environmental activist, and author, Summer Rayne Oakes--hardly needs an introduction--is the new face and designer behind the latest edition of the series for YOOXYGEN. The series of limited edition organic cotton t-shirts for him and her benefit Green Cross International and are produced by EDUN LIVE. Oakes' design, shown above, represents two battling beetles, and follows close on the heels of Angela Lindvall's design of tree shadows. Summer Rayne Oakes speaks to her design, below.

I'm an entomologist and raise exotic insects in my Williamsburg apartment, so naturally, in line with Edun's graphic prints of animals, I'd love to do something that marries Brooklyn hipster vibe with entophilia.

View an interview with Summer Rayne over at the New Yooxer and pick up the organic t-shirt at EDUN LIVE series for Yooxygen.