Suki - 100% Natural Skincare


For those of you in the States who got excited about our post on Nude Skincare earlier this week, but were frustrated that it won't be arriving on your side of the pond till the autumn, here is a homegrown treat for you.

Suki Kramer decided to create her own line of natural skincare products after years of suffering from eczema and the frustrations of it being made worse by the readily available products on the market.

She says, "The majority of products I tried either did nothing for me or worsened my condition and of course, as my knowledge of how the body processes ingredients has grown and I learned more and more what most products contain, it became impossible for me to knowingly use toxic or challenging products."

The Suki range is made from 100% natural products using organic herbs, botanicals, plant extracts, and essential oils. They are particularly recommended for people with sensitive skin, acne, eczema, dermatitis or rosacea. Suki says she was "Fustrated with the lack of 100% natural products and 100% honest information, I was motivated not only to bring something totally different to market, but to inform my peers as well." We've seen this first hand here at TreeHugger as Suki took the time to post a comment on our How To Green Your Personal Care guide, telling us to be extra vigilant about brands which market themselves as natural, but with ingredients lists that don't match up. There's lots of helpful information on the Suki website about which ingredients we should avoid in our skincare products. Furthermore she not only details all the ingredients she uses in her products, but also how and why they work. The only information we can't find is about the type of packaging used. Suki is available to buy at the Merz Apothecary in Chicago, at Harvey Nichols stores worldwide and online. :: Suki

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