Suffering From Bagnesia? Never Forget Your Reusable Bags Again

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If you're frequently stricken by bouts of reusable-bag amnesia before you hit the checkout line at the supermarket, you're not alone. Pam Eatrides and Caprice Ericson, the founders of Bagnesia, have identified two key points on your route where these all-too-common lapses in memory are likely occur, namely from your house to your car, and from your car to the store.

Their solution: A handy reminder kit ($17.99) that will help you kiss "bagnesia" goodbye for good. To nip bagnesia in the bud before you leave your domicile, hang the laminated door hanger—which demands that you "Grab Your Bags!"—on your door knob. And if you somehow managed to miss that, then the wrist lanyard key chain presents a second-wave reminder when you lock up behind you.

To get you from your car to the supermarket, reusable bags at the ready, snap the neoprene reminder wrap around your steering wheel. Of course, the kit wouldn't be complete without a reusable bag—this one, made from washable, lightweight nylon, rolls up to the size of a small cell phone, yet is capable of holding up to 40 pounds of groceries (or about two to three plastic shopping bags' worth).

And if you want to hook several bags together for ease of transport, Bagnesia has thrown in a black-and-silver aluminum caribineer clip, engraved with the company's URL. In case, you happen to, you know, forget it.

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