Green Shopping Guide: Greenwashing a gogo?

It seems like we're over the hump when it comes to convincing influential consumers that green is sexy. You know about all of the green magazine issues and green fashion events. Now we're at that critical point where "green" needs to become integrated into our life-long consumer expectations, have actual meaning, and avoid becoming a passing fancy. This is why features like's spring Earth Friendly Guide to Green Fashion make me nervous. For fashion in particular, until we have a common vocabulary and system of standards, we have to go by what's not green. For instance, adding wooden stones to a leather clutch? Doesn't make it green. Canvas tie-back wedges? If the canvas comes from conventional cotton: not green. We love seeing organic Linda Loudermilk and Levi's, but a lot of the rest leave giant questions marks. Keep your eyes open as editors cast a wide, green net, and look for help from our How to Green Your Wardrobe. 50 Ways to be Green