Style Will Save Us Launches On-line Shopping

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Style Will Save Us is the cool, hip and gossipy eco-website that brings the latest in design, food, clothes and beauty products to the web on a weekly basis. Now , with the introduction of on-line shopping--get ready to look--and spend.

Here's how they describe their new offerings: "uber-styish ethical fashion, eco-chic interiors, slinky sustainable lingerie, green gems for kiddie winkles, cool organic menswear, indulgent organic beauty products, an exciting array of eco-friendly accessories and some real hotties for our eco gift guide." And it's true, there is a great selection of very cool things to choose from for family, friends and you.

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TreeHugger spoke to Virginia Rowe, Editor and founder of the digital magazine. She is a former fashion agent who started the blog three years ago because she found that there was such a poor choice of stylish products to choose from on the web. She knew that people wanted things that were ecological but had gone beyond the '80's hippy look.

She calls the site "eco-pop"--it's not hard-hitting like the Ecologist magazine, for example. It's just a better way to shop. Rowe wants to show people that there are lovely labels and brands that are well-designed and good for the environment at the same time.

In conversation she downplays the serious nature of the site. In fact, she has thrown herself wholeheartedly into the ecological fashion movement, only featuring items in the digital magazine that are "fairtrade or made from organic cotton, cashmere, wool, silk, hemp, bamboo or other natural and sustainable materials which are produced in an environmentally friendly way." It contains an eco-dictionary, a carbon footprint calculator and an impressive statement of principles.

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Style Will Save Us has teamed up with some partners in order to offer the best of the "grooviest green stuff" in its new shop They have cherry picked from all different sites and offer a special few nice choices of interesting clothes and items from the best of the web. Katharine Hamnett's great tee-shirts and bags are there, along with Stella's belts and shiny red vegan pumps. She has contributors in London, Manchester, New York and Australia, to make sure that the offerings are as current and up to date as possible. As Rowe says "a one-stop shop for all your eco-stylish desires - how convenient is that?"

We asked Virginia Rowe what her one wish would be to change the world: She said that she would "raise her magic wand and bring happiness to everyone." Style Will Save Us

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