Study by Tara St. James Commences GreenShows During New York Green Fashion Week (Slideshow)

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Photo: Meaghan O'Neill

The Spring 2010 collections have marked a turning point for green fashion. Designers consistently came down the runways with graceful, wearable, and decidedly thoughtful collections. As consumer demand for ethical clothing grows and upscale textiles become easier source, ethical and designers are able to produce ever more elegant collections. That confluence of talent and available textiles has allowed the green design scene to grow by leaps and bounds this year. To wit, the GreenShows Eco-Fashion Week was the place to be for style-minded greenies in New York. The first show of its kind to be held during New York Fashion Week, the GreenShows was exclusively dedicated to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair-trade fashion. The two-day event, held in SoHo, launched with Study by Tara St. James, who came out of the gate with "The Square Project," which she describes as "a study of shapes in relation to the human form - starting with the square."

Green Fashion Week New York

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