Stocking Stuffers: Tote Bags


Tote bags are great stocking stuffers: they are convenient, useful, environmental, cheap and roll up tightly to fit into that (hand-knit?) stocking and purse. There are so many witty and catchy ones around that you could just keep on going with them. This one (pictured left) is part of a series in which designers created an image on the theme of sustainability and reusability. Other bags have pictures of ribbons, the quote "plastic is not fantastic", "I am nasty" and a picture of a handbag.

The bag on the right is also made of fairtrade cotton, and is a reproduction of a design by Lucienne Day. She is a well known textile designer who has been working in the business since the 1950's. This bag is especially roomy, with long straps to swing over the shoulder. Also part of a series called Bags of Goodwill, other designers included Tom Dixon, Robin Day (her husband) and Naoto Fukasawa. All are in limited editions, so could even become a collector's item some day.

Can't resist one last bag with an image of a tree being hugged, how could we not love it! Go for the tote. :: Blanka and :: twentytwentyone

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