Stitch'T: Saving T-shirts One Quilt at a Time

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If you're inundated by T-shirts but are unwilling to part with them for sentimental reasons, consider turning them into a commemorative quilt. Sewing not quite your thing? Stitch'T is here to help.

The New York City-based outfit specializes in creating "one of a kind, handmade compositions" from your worn togs, which it can grant a second lease on life in the form of quilts, duvet covers, and pillowcases. Reincarnation doesn't come cheap, however: A 58x81-inch twin-size T-shirt quilt will set you back a cool $325 and a 23x23-inch T-shirt pillowcase (sans pillow insert) will cost you at least $70. There's also a $5 surcharge for each patch, swatch, and scrap you wish to insert.

Still, you're able to customize the color scheme you want and even design your own quilt if you have a layout in mind already. And hey, what price nostalgia, right?

If you'd rather save the money and make your own, check out Planet Green for directions. And if you have a bunch of onesies you're loathe to part with—but which your not-so-wee one has long outgrown—you can also order a baby-clothes quilt kit to turn that mothballed wardrobe into something more useful.

[Via Manhattan User's Guide]

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