Stella McCartney's New Skin "Care" Line


We know that designer Stella McCartney is very eco-minded and it is apparent with each new venture. TreeHugger has covered her in the past from her vegan boots to her Pampering perfume. Now we’re bringing you the latest on Ms. McCartney and her new skin care line called Care. The line, launched this month at Sephora, “caters to those who’d say ‘never’" and is inspired by Ms. McCartney’s own personal philosophies. Care contains no endangered plants, genetically modified ingredients, petrochemicals, paraben preservatives or synthetic fragrances. In addition, it contains 100% certified organic active ingredients. Although it does seem to be on the expensive side, it is comparable to other luxurious skin care products and combines ultimate pampering and nature. Via ::Body + Soul and ::Hugg ::Sephora

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