Stella McCartney Will Design UK Uniforms for 2012 Olympics


Image from the StyleList: Team GB in 2008

Stella McCartney, surely the world's most famous eco-friendly clothing designer, has been chosen to design Team Britain's Olympic and Paralympic outfits for the 2012 Games. It's a huge honour for any designer, as the teams sport the outfits in the sensational opening ceremonies and then continue to wear them throughout the events.

At the recent World Cup, many teams wore tee-shirts made out of recycled plastic bottles, but there is no word yet as to Stella's view on that material. She has been designing for Adidas for years, and they have put out some hemp and bamboo clothing and shoes so maybe there is hope....

stella mccartney photo

Image from the Mirror

It is the first time in the UK that such a high profile celebrity designer has been chosen to work at an Olympic level. She is very chuffed about the job, as she said: ""As a British fashion designer, it is an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be creative director of Team GB as the hosting nation of the London 2012 Olympic Games."

It's not an easy gig. The outfits have to be technically perfect, to mould to the individual athlete's body and reflect the needs of their particular sport. As she noted: "The challenges are certainly there. I mean you're working with athletes. The main thing I want do is not in any way get involved with making their performance not its best. So for me I want to make them the best they can be. And in order to do that I'm obviously working with incredibly technical fabrics, I'm dealing with silhouettes that I wouldn't normally perhaps work with."

They also have to be great looking because the eyes of the world will be watching them. She will also be designing the casual clothes that they wear around the Olympic Village.

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And then there is all the stuff for the fans; from sweaters to hats to tee-shirts. How will she ever match the ubiquitous-and iconic-red mittens of the Vancouver Olympics?

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