Stay Cool this Summer in Eco-Chic English Countryside Fashion (Photos)

green summer fashion photo

Cabbages & Roses, spring 2010 collection. Image courtesy of Cabbages & Roses.

British fashion and home décor brand Cabbages & Roses, formed by Vogue alumnas Christina Strutt and Brigette Buchanan in 2000, has been developing their sustainable ethos for the past ten years. Most recently they moved all manufacturing of their hand made apparel from overseas to local vendors in southern England; A shift that further aligns the brand with their ultimate source of inspiration: sustainability and English countryside.

Prepare yourself to crave the ideal landscape of rolling hills, small villages, and farms in the Cabbages & Roses spring 2010 collection photos ahead:

Cabbages & Roses Spring 2010 Collection

According to Cabbages & Roses, garments are designed with practicality, functionality, and comfort in mind. The apparel transcends seasonal trends and its high quality prepares them to be handed down for generations. All woven garments are hand made in small quantities in the UK and are printed with
Oeko Tex approved methods.

green summer fashion photo

green summer fashion photo

green summer fashion photo

green summer fashion photo

All images courtesy of Cabbages & Roses.

Prices range from £98.00 for a skirt--or DIY for £38.00 (they'll supply the materials)--to £290.00 for a coat; Available online at Cabbages & Roses.


Organic Tweed. Credit: Jigsaw

In fall 2009, Cabbages & Roses partnered with online retailer Jigsaw to create a limited edition run of Organic Tweed, which was comprised of a jacket, hat, and skirt. The fabric was sourced from Ardalanish sheep farm on the Isle of Mull, where the yarn was hand spun on original 19th century machinery. View a gallery of the product, from farm to final product, at Jigsaw.

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