Square T-Shirts from SANS


"Hip to be square" is the tagline that these four-sided, "on the verge of fashion stardom" tees are now known for. At first, we were curious how these fascinating pieces would fit but then decided that they were definitely wearable because of their uniqueness. Designed by SANS, an award-winning young label from New York, it seems all of their clothes are made in an environmentally conscientious manner. What we like is that all of their designs are very basic, yet have a different concept to them as well. These square tees are unisex and limited editions, made especially for Hint Fashion Magazine. They are made from a cotton-soy blend, have a slight stretch, come in three colors and feature little pop-up corners at the shoulders. Looks like we found our perfect tee to throw on for a bike ride or wear to the office on a hot summer day. Via ::Hint Fashion Magazine ::SANS

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