Sourcing Sustainable Fabrics Made Easy with New Online Marketplace from Summer Rayne Oakes

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Source 4 Style, screenshot of development site. Image courtesy of Source 4 Style

When I caught up with Summer Rayne Oakes at a Fashion Delivers event in June, she only briefly mentioned her forthcoming project: Source 4 Style, an online marketing platform to help fashion and interior designers source sustainable textiles by connecting them directly with suppliers. Founded by Summer Rayne Oakes and Benita Singh in October 2009, the B2B marketplace, which is currently launched in private beta to a select number of users, will be released to the public at the end of the month. More on this innovative and exciting new project:Source 4 Style founders Summer Rayne Oakes and Benita Singh saw a lack of resources for designers wanting to source "environmentally- and socially-compliant materials, which require certification and verification," according to the press release. This is where their online marketplace comes in: currently, the marketplace hosts 25 suppliers and over 1,000 materials, including organic cottons, hand-woven silks, and reclaimed textiles. When the site launches at the end of September, it will have 35 suppliers and more sustainable textiles, like Recycled PET, Tencel and Tencel blends, organic cotton knits, and embellishments.

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Source 4 Style beta site. Images courtesy of Source 4 Style.

According to Summer Rayne Oakes, design and sourcing teams from popular brands, like Ralph Lauren, Helmut Lang, and Sears, have already signed up. Co-founder Singh believes that the comprehensive marketplace will make sustainable design the norm: "We basically give brands no reason to source another way."

source green textiles photo
Source 4 Style beta site. Images courtesy of Source 4 Style.

This month will be a busy one for Source 4 Style: they give the first in their series of workshops and training programs called, The Source4Style Atelier, where designers, fashion teams, and company boards will have access to insider knowledge in the sustainable design industry; They showcase at the RITE Conference in London, Vancouver Fashion Eco Week, and at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York, and they will host a launch event and "Feast & Focus Group" in London and San Francisco.

Visit Source 4 Style to pre-register for the site during the beta period.

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