Sourcing Sustainable Fabrics in India Just Got Easier (Video)

shared talent india photo

Fashion sourced with Shared Talent India. Photo: Kerry Dean

Made in India? More than 40% of fashion in the UK has been produced in India and nearly one third of the country's people live below the poverty line. The Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) at London College of Fashion has launched Shared Talent India, to help designers and buyers source sustainable fabrics in India by connecting them directly with suppliers, Ecouterre reports (via The Centre for Sustainable Fashion).
Shared Talent India is a comprehensive resource for skills; from weaving to embroidery, materials, from cotton to cashmere; and suppliers in India. The images below feature clothing produced in India with the help of Shared Talent India.

shared talent india photo

Shared Talent India. Photo: Kerry Dean
shared talent india photo

Shared Talent India. Photo: Kerry Dean

Designers from Katharine Hamnett to Marks & Spencer share their experience sourcing sustainable fabrics from India in a film short, below.

Video: London College of Fashion

Read more at Ecouterre and Shared Talent India.

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