Sortify - It's the Spotify of the Trash Set for Recycle-Loving Types


Photo via Sortify and F. Slivka Lederer.
Skype was a Swedish invention, ditto Spotify. So know there's Swedish Sortify, which will hopefully sweep the trash world and show up on every city street soon. For what is more truly irritating to a city street pedestrian type than a recyclable paper or plastic item in hand and nowhere to recycle it? Sortify to the rescue.Swedes Victoria Soudavnaya and Stefan Strömbäck thought up and drew up the plans for Sortify on their kitchen table just a year ago. In record time (for Swedes) they got support for the four-chambered Sortify trash can. They formed a company (also quite Swedish) called Återvinningslösningar (yeah, it's not exactly catchy, it means "Recycling Solutions") and are manufacturing the cans.

The idea, according to Miljöaktuellt, is that Sortify can simply and easily replace city trash bins and make recycle sorting a breeze.

Soudavnaya says the demand for trash sorting is only going to increase (Oh we hope that's true!) and five cities in Northern Sweden have gone ahead and bought in to buying Sortify cans.

Of course (typically Swedish) this is just a test to see how people will react to the chambered-bins and whether they will really take the time to drop glass into the glass slot, plastic into the plastic slot, paper where it is supposed to be and hopeless mixed trash in the last slot. Knowing Swedes, the heretofore best little recyclers in Europe, it's sure to be a hit.

P.S. Soudavnaya says the name was not a take off on Spotify but a mixture of "sort" and "fyra," Swedish for four. That's the one part of the story that doesn't quit ring true.

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