Sore Bum from Cycling? Wear Greenknickers!


All Sarah and Rose from Greenknickers are waiting for these days is sunny weather as there is no more sore bottom excuses not to get on your bike! The girls have designed special padded boxers and knickers that look as sexy as the rest of their collection (see here, here and here) to encourage their customers to cycle more. (more about these and lucky wedding lingerie after the jump)

Both boxers and knickers come with a removable pad that can be velcroed on to take the pressure off your behind and then whips off when you get to your destination completely avoiding a ‘hot bot’ and embarrassing bulges. The fabric is a mix of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton, making the underwear breathable, antibacterial and ideal for sport. Available via the Greenknickers web site and selected retailers for £25.


Ah, and keep your eyes open for those lucky fair trade wedding knickers (coming soon) that Greenknickers have designed to seal the deal. With an OLD bow made from reclaimed rags, a NEW pair of organic silky hemp briefs, a jewellery clasp to attach something BORROWED and a BLUE bouquet of roses, the luck is secured for your wedding day. ::Greenknickers

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