SoleRebels: Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly Shoes With Plenty of Soul

SoleRebels photo

Photo credit: SoleRebels

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu started SoleRebels with her husband and brother in her native village of Zenabwork, Ethiopia, to fill a pressing need—creating jobs where there were almost none.

Today, less than four years later, the footwear company employs 40 full-time workers and 100 part-timers who hand-spin and hand-loom the shoes' organic-cotton fabric and turn used tires into meticulously formed soles.

The first fully World Fair Trade Organization-accredited company in Ethiopia, SoleRebels adheres to the fair-trade tenets of gender equity, healthy working conditions, commiserate wages, and sustainable production practices.

Although SoleRebels doesn't appear to have its own site, you can find its shoes at,, Urban Outfitters, and Whole Foods.

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