Solar Powered Necktie Is Not Exactly Ralph Lauren

solar necktie photos

I have never quite understood the purpose of neckties, and wear them only for visits to banks and funerals. However finally I find that there is one with a purpose: researchers at Iowa State University have developed a necktie made from solar fabrics. It even has a pocket in it to hold your camera or cellphone.

powerfilm fabric image

This is all over the net these days, but there is something suspiciously dated about the picture and the width of the tie. If you search on Iowa State and solar fabrics, all leads back to Iowa Thin Film Technologies, now called Powerfilm, which makes a flexible solar fabric for roofs and military applications, and has been around since 1988. It looks similar, too. They say that their Powerfilm can be integrated with roofing or architectural fabrics.

Could it be that this necktie was a Powerfilm party joke? Does anyone know? via ::Dvice

: no, it is not a powerfilm joke, it is the "APPLICATION OF DIGITAL TEXTILE PRINTING TECHNOLOGY TO INTEGRATE PHOTOVOLTAIC THIN FILM CELLS INTO WEARABLES" by J.S Hyneck, J.R Campbell and K.M Bowden from 2005. More from the Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management via ::Clean Technica
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