Solar-Powered Bra and User-Powered Dress To Juice Up Your iPod

Solar Bra photo

It's hard to imagine that Triump International wants to do more than get some extra PR with its concept photovoltaic-powered bra. As one astute TreeHugger immediately noticed, how can you generate enough sun powered-energy to charge your iPod or write messages on the bra's display if you are wearing it under your clothes?

But never mind, because although Triump's execution might leave something to be desired, wearable power is suddenly a...well, hot category. Amanda Parkes' Piezing dress (admittedly also just a 'concept') has inserts of piezo-electric material that convert body motion into electricity. It actually looks like something you'd want to wear - see a photo after the jump. Hopefully we'll also soon see some of Ardica's super-secret miniature fuel cells that provide portable power for clothing and backpacks (the Department of Defense is extremely interested). In the meantime,

Piezing User Generated Power Dress photo

here are two absolutely user-ready solar-powered items you might want in your wardrobe now for iPod or other electric needs: Reware's Solar Beach Tote, and SeV's Tactical Jacket with solar panels.

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