Soil Association Awards

The Soil Association has announced the winners of its annual awards for best organic and natural beauty care products. And the list is a great introduction to some new products with excellent pedigrees and the highest recommendations. A good lip balm is something to be cherished all winter long, and the winner of the best product award is Rose Geranium Face Balm by Balm Balm. Smelling sweetly of rose geraniums, it is soothing and completely natural and organic. The best organic textile award was given to Ardalanish Organic Farm and Weaving Mill for their organic tweed. Located on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides, the black wool of the sheep on this farm is used to create designer tweeds, in a range of black and white herringbone and hopsack patterns. Best organic restaurant is in Coventry, Garden Organic Ryton; it is part of a ten acre organic nursery so the produce is super-fresh and very local. They hold monthly gourmet organic dinners as well. Best large organic shop is As Nature Intended, with three locations just outside of central London. Best small shop is Judges Bakery, run by none other than the former owners of Green & Black chocolates. Best Organic Internet/Delivery Service website is Howies but check out the second place --a small organic vodka and cheese company that was shocked and delighted to be nominated. :: Soil Association

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