Soap from Biodiesel: Piedmont Biofuels Extend the Virtuous Cycle


What has always impressed us about Piedmont Biofuels (whose co-founder, Lyle Estill, we interviewed here, here and here) has been their willingness to look beyond simply creating alternative fuels, and to actually address how energy and resources are used in the most intelligent way possible. Most recently we reported on the launch of their CSA here - local, organic food being a core part of the organization’s vision for reduced reliance on fossil fuels. Now, after a trip to the local grocery store, this author’s wife informed him that the intrepid eco-entrepeneurs have also started selling soap made from the glycerine by-product of biodiesel manufacture. So far we’ve found little about this initiative on the coop’s site itself, but we did find this info on Biodiesel Now’s forums. ::Piedmont Biofuels::via Biodiesel Now::

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