"So Ethic" at Salon Prêt à Porter Paris


Don't you wish you could clone yourself sometimes? This week, TreeHugger Celine Ruben-Salama and I are covering NY Fashion week, filling you in on the millionth of a percent of eco and ethical fashion on the runways. If we were in Paris, we'd be at the "So Ethic" wing of the Salon Prêt à Porter, where over 40,000 international buyers, press and gawkers get to sidle up to nearly 70 self-proclaimed green and socially-minded brands. You know about many of them already: Del Forte, Deborah Lindquist, Rachel F, Veja, g=9.8, Junky Styling... How exciting is it to see so many happy designers get so much exposure? ::Salon Prêt à Porter Paris via Sophie

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