Snarky Eco Bags From TBWA\Vancouver May Help You Score With the Ladies

TBA\Vancouver Eco Bags photo
Photo credit: TBWA\Vancouver

Just when we thought there was nothing new under the sun when it came to reusable bags, ad agency TBWA\Vancouver surprised us with its line of canvas totes that takes the mickey out of the push to go green. Designed to get people to think about sustainability without getting preachy, the bags feature incongruous imagery, like the silhouette of a hunter and his dog or a logger at work, along with tongue-in-cheek phrases like "See ladies, I am sensitive" and "My other bag is in my SUV."

"Being progressively minded people living in Vancouver, we can't help but be environmentally conscious. But we also have a sense of humor. It was in the tension of these two things where the idea of creating cheeky eco-bags came from," says Paul Little, Creative director of TBWA\Vancouver. "The canvas bag has become a fashion statement above and beyond its original purpose. So to us, it seemed natural for us to poke a little fun at the fashion-trendiness of these bags. We knew they'd be somewhat controversial and it's been fun to see the reaction and hear the comments."

The bags, which will retail at $25, are available for pre-order by e-mailing the agency. All proceeds will go to TBWA\Vancouver's not-for-profit client BuySmartBC.

TBA\Vancouver Eco Bags photo
Photo credit: TBWA\Vancouver
TBA\Vancouver Eco Bags photo
Photo credit: TBWA\Vancouver
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