Skunkfunk: Bamboo & Soybean Clothes from Spain


Greening your wardrobe is easier said than done, especially here in Europe. We found some great European eco shoes (see here, here and here) but when it comes to clothes, we had to mainly shop online, until recently. Skunkfunk decided to bring bamboo, organic cotton and soybean fabric into this year’s summer collection.

This Spanish label from the Basque Country 'is all about keeping it real'. They don’t obey fashion trends but instead they make sure their designs are practical and individual, and if multi-functional (reversible and detachable), well, even better. The result: colourful, funky and comfortable clothes, that ‘are here to stay’ (which means they don’t go out of fashion and are durable) explains Mikel Feijoo Elzo, founder of Skunkfunk.

Each piece of clothing is labelled with a tag explaining what fabric it’s made of. So watch out, as not all their clothes are made from eco fabrics YET. The bamboo label reads: Bamboo Cotton products are extremely soft, comfortable and cool. Their velvet slip texture and crease resistant characteristics compliment the natural fibres’ antibiotic and Ultra-Violet ray protection. We love their super comfy bamboo t-shirts as well as the silk-like soybean protein fibre shirts mixed with cotton. And we love the colours! You can find Skunkfunk in more than 700 stores across Western Europe and Russia. To give you an idea about prices (images above, left to right): Ohri soybean dress €55,20, black soybean t-shirt €34,80, green organic cotton t-shirt €36, Kontx soybean t-shirt €36. ::Skunkfunk Thanks Jenna for the tip!

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