Silvina Romero's Recycled Fabric Accessories


These pieces of "textile jewellery" are made by Argentinean clothing designer Silvina Romero out of discarded textiles, recycled pieces of fabric and threads. Silvina started out three years ago by picking up leftovers in Once, a Buenos Aires neighbourhood where all the fabrics dealers concentrate. That was the worst time for the Argentinean crisis, and this was a way for the designer to continue producing and making a living out of design. But soon, her work became recognized for its uniqueness. "I love that my pieces are built with another person's trash, to make jewellery, usually associated to luxury and ostentation, with waste", says the designer.If you step by Buenos Aires, she sells in a store located in Palermo called 'Condimentos' (Honduras 4814), and in the Museum of Latin American Art store (Figueroa Alcorta 3415). She also exported to Mexico, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin and Chipre. Silvina can be reached by mail.