Shop Celebrity Closets for Charity, Swap/Borrow 'Recycled Luxury' Clothing at I-ELLA

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Swap your clothing in accessories or shop celebrity closets at I-ELLA. Image courtesy of I-ELLA.

From the once-in-a-lifetime dress collecting dust in your closet to the just-a-tad-too-small Melissa shoes your boyfriend bought you, new online fashion marketplace I-ELLA offers users the option to buy, borrow, swap, sell, and/or lend their way to a carefully edited closet. The invitation-only site boasts a number of 'recycled luxury' fashion accessories and garments; hosts celebrity closet auctions to benefit a charity, and in addition, ten percent of each transaction fee on I-ELLA is donated to a social venture. More:

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'Recycled luxury' fashion on I-ELLA. Image courtesy of I-ELLA.

Members offer a range of clothing items from designers like Herve Leger and Hermes to Charlotte Ronson and Melissa shoes. You can borrow items, at a weekly or monthly rate, or buy them at price determined by the user, plus shipping and a small I-ELLA user fee. Eco-fashionists lusting for--not so green--designer apparel can borrow items second-hand with a guilt-free conscience--assuming the shipping is local and/or offset. The site is set up like a social network, too, you can create your own profile and add photos of the images you'd like to sell or loan.

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Reality television star Whitney Port opened her closet for I-ELLA, proceeds from the auction benefited FACE Africa. Image courtesy of I-ELLA.

I-ELLA's online marketplace is similar to Rent the Runway, which offer dress and accessory rentals from luxury fashion designers, but you are renting items that have been bought by a fellow fashion lover to be worn rather than by a company to be rented out to consumers; in short: it's more personal. I chatted with I-ELLA founder Ella T. Gorgla over e-mail and asked how her site is different than other e-commerce sites on the web. See her response, below.

I-ELLA is a compelling combination of several different platforms: sample sales; a marketplace where you can buy/borrow/swap and sell/lend; celebrity auctions, and, of course, charity. One of our main goals is to make social change second nature for our shoppers. A portion of every transaction, regardless of how large or small, goes to a charity that our users choose. At the end of the day, I-ELLA is much more than a place to shop, it's a place to make a difference.

The site is currently invitation-only and the site relies on its users and their network to expand and grow the community. Visit I-ELLA for more.

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