Sheena Goes Lady Gaga in Raffaele Ascione at Uniform Project Fete

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Raffaele Ascione cape worn by Lady Gaga. Credit: The Uniform Project
Raffaele Ascione's cape--worn by pop star Lady Gaga--certainly affirms that shoulder pads are in. Sheena Matheiken--the face/body of The Uniform Project--wore the cape, and an entire design by the up and coming fashion designer at Saturday night's AccesSoireé, a six month anniversary party celebrating 191 ways to wear one dress. Thanks to The Uniform Project, we have the sentimental story behind Ascione's handcrafted design--click through for photos.

Sheena Goes Gaga-Style for AccesSoireé

Raffaele Ascione donated the above outfit to The Uniform Project from his line, The Mother's Instinct, which incorporates fabrics and buttons from vintage clothing once worn by his mother and grandmother. The satin "Gaga" cape is cut from his grandmother's overthrow blanket, old curtains form the pleated trim, and the structured shoulder pads are from her old jackets. The petticoat is made from vintage lace fabric--circa 1960--also passed on by his grandmother, and the chiffon dress is made from flea-market fabric and shoelaces form the band for the hand-plated belt.


The Mother's Instinct collection. Credit: Raffaele Ascione
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The Mother's Instinct collection. Credit: Raffaele Ascione

The looks are not only sustainable but they're recession ready--and so is Ascione, he is currently taking donations to continue his work.:: The Uniform Project.

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