Shea What?

Shea Terra Organics
That’s right, shea butter. Ya know, as in that wonderful lotion that clears even the driest skin. (Perfect for all of you girls new to the west coast who are still getting acclimated to living in the desert. Ahem.) Shea Terra Organics offers products free of fillers, artificial fragrances/colors, sulfates, parabins and 99.5% natural, and if that wasn’t enough, Shea Terra was formed in part to offer local cooperatives in Africa a way to earn steady income without depleting resources or harming workers.

Shea Terra is located in Virginia, but the products all come from Africa where she works to ensure that suppliers are paid fair-value for their products and are not exposed to hazardous chemicals or conditions in the process. In addition, by using shea butter, Shea Terra is providing local cooperatives in Africa a chance to have a reliable income. Shea butter is squeezed from shea nuts (shea what?) which only grow in the very dry savannah in Africa. Shea butter, when used, offers a very high absorption rate and is the ultimate in moisturizing thereby giving customers exactly what they want – a lotion that ACTUALLY moisturizes. And the philanthropy doesn’t stop there as Shea Terra just sent an update to customers that Shea Terra is sponsoring children's education in Togo.

I personally love their chap stick, which is perfect for a girl who spends her days in the sun. While they feel a little gritty in the tube, once applied they make your lips silky smooth (and they smell good enough to eat). Orders also typically come with samples of other products, so you can test out items that you may be wary of trying. In addition, each jar comes with a distinct shea nut, which can be worn as jewelery for those

Their website has a wealth of information on shea butter, the company and social responsibility. Visit them online at Shea Terra Organics.

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