Shay Alkalay: Getting Stickie on Stains


A patch on a worn elbow or on the knee of your jeans, extends the life of your clothes, and can even be a fashion statement. If you are the creative TreeHugging type (and be honest, we know you are!), you've probably come up with some crafty ways of concealing ugly stains on your clothes.

We, for one, have bought dye and have attempted to re-colour our beiges and whites into some earthy tone, that usually comes out looking like mud.

Thanks to the cheeky designs of Shay Alkalay, readers, ye shall never need to hide those stains (or have your clothes look like mud) again! Rescue them, says Shay's website, with Stickystains. The pack of four (pictured here is an alien), are crafted to turn your stain into a part of the picture.
There no mention on the designer's site, which directs us to Raw Edges Design Studio, on how to order the Stickystains. So we are not sure if this is just a designer's prank. But, we love the idea, and it is not too difficult to design your own iron-ons... see here and print them out with an ink-jet printer.

Plus many more crafty clothes ideas await on TreeHugger. See T-shirt Recycling & the ever-popular post on DIY: T-shirt Surgery.

::Green Prophet

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