Sharkah Chakra Denim Launches in London


As more and more designers are launching brands made of organic and natural materials, we look for something unique to share with all of you. So when we read about Sara Simmonds, creator of Sharkah Chakra (translation: "hand make life"), we wanted to pass along her philosophy.

"I believe that the future is about slow fashion and making luxury pieces last. So I have created a collection based on a wardrobe full of iconic pieces with new cuts and washes to be added each season."

Sounds inspiring, right? But here's what we really liked about Sharkah Chakra
Simmonds proclaims her designs are the "greenest jeans available in the world of fashion." Why? The denim (certified Fair trade cotton) is hand woven using original craftsmanship and looms that date back centuries. This supports and helps to revive the industry, which still employs over 13 million people in India. Additionally, Simmonds uses a dying process that is 100% natural: natural organic indigo is extracted directly from the indigo plant and then the cotton is dyed by hand in a process that is chemical free and uses little electricity. It is then sundried which gives the denim an amazing array of colors. Not to mention her white denim is the first ever bleach-free, 100% organic denim ever to be made.


Each pair of jeans is different in that not only do they have the weaver's signature of who made them, but details include: 9 carat gold plated trademark rivet on every pair; eco gold plated buttons and; azo free thread embroideries organic pocketing.

Simmonds tells us that the total time to make each pair of jeans is 365 days. Again, this reflects her philosophy of "slow fashion." And although her company is not a large one she wanted to pioneer a big bang concept that is all about the luxury of what we are wearing from beginning to end. We like the sound of that. ::Sharkah Chakra

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